Decline Press

“I can’t stand it! I can’t be around this war, these cops, and all these people trying to kill me! What if the building falls down? What if the cops kill me? This is war! This isn’t Van Nuys. This is a war zone!”


    Last year, I met an older woman. Donna Buckwalt, an illustrator from New York City, had contacted me on Facebook. She found my photos online. And she complimented me. MatthewJMcCarthyPhotoYonkers She said she we shared a mutual friend, Candy Stafford. Candy lived in Paris writing about food. I had photographed Candy’s cookbook, “Me […]

Placidia Avenue

  Walter sought to get work as a paid photographer. Recognition and status drove him, a name and a company established him. Cunningly and strategically, he attached himself to aesthetic and sustainable projects whose products infused his public image goals. He employed soulful sentiment as a marketing tool. Nariko was asleep at 5am when a […]

Project Tokyo.

  A tired LA talent agent escapes client abuse and seeks solace abroad in Japan. Project Tokyo (Downloadable PDF) I was walking around the Hollywood Farmers Market one Sunday in July when I went into an alley to sit down and smoke a joint. A tall, gym-toned,light-skinned black man, in an orange tank top and khaki […]

Dry Wind

Dry Wind /Manipulated by Hollywood promises, an indebted editor, working on a pop star video, suffers blinding headaches, red eyes, and debilitating depression;and is sent on a fool’s errand to take stolen money to an old woman in San Angelo, Texas; confronting tragedy, memory and love’s delusions.

The Bright Shop

The Bright Shop (PDF LINK) A European refugee designs a new life in 1960s Los Angeles only to see it crumble, near the Pacific, on the edge of a new decade.

Journal of American Progress

  Colton Banning is back. He is living, near the Venice canals, in a messy house full of conflicted characters. Surrounded by dirt, disorder and self-absorption, he is lusted after by an older woman and taken into a poet’s suffering. Journal of American Progress (PDF)

Somebodies and Nobodies

A young, poor athlete moves from the desert to Santa Monica, attempts to pull his own life up from the depths, and becomes involved with a rich woman, her ex-husband, and a sex tape. Somebodies and Nobodies  (PDF LINK)

Day of the Deltoid

A married woman renovates her love life while renovating her kitchen in Day of the Deltoid. Day of the Deltoid  (PDF)